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Here are the clues to the location of the NEW Mr Ps Classic Amusements!

The clues are finally over! Phew, I hear you all say!

We have had a wide range of guesses on the location of the new Mr P's Classic Amusements. Some have been wild guesses and some with some major thought.

Some of the clues have lead people to places that even boggled my brain but that is the beauty of these clues, they are not only warped but full of red herrings too.

We have always been clear in what we have written, for example 'I didn't see the relevance of this' or 'it doesn't matter to me' etc clearly means that sentence was garbage. As we go through the clues all will be explained in full and what it all means and why.

Note we will still 'tickle' you a little but now you SHOULD be able to see the location of the new Mr P's Classic Amusements.

So the idea of the clues came when some of you mentioned to us that they had picked up on a hidden message in our weekly waffle regarding Gravesend. They saw the line 'Gravesend, its not goodbye, it is au revoir'. Shortly after this we announced that a new Mr P's Classic Amusements would be launched, so speculation of a 'french connection' or 'continental' connection was born. Here is the first cryptic clue:


I was speaking to a fortune teller called Lizzy (she was the opposite to E.Honda). She saw 3 robins, a large cat, the number 144, she was from the North but enjoyed her holiday home by the sea, I didn't see any relevance of this.

The only part that it relevant above is highlighted in yellow. Here we are saying that if Lizzy was the opposite to E.Honda (a fat sumo wrestler from Street Fighter) then she would be Thin Lizzy. So we would hope that you would think of an iconic song such as this:

THIN LIZZY - The Boys Are Back In Town (1976 UK T.O.T.P. TV Appearance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ ~

top of the pops old grey whistle test 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 19...

So this was to get the ball rolling and we wanted to start the buzz and the scratching of heads. SOME of you clever clogs out there got it, and really its a hidden message.

The next clue spoke about 'Continental' which is this, situated very close to where the new Mr P's arcade will be:

It was a barbers that was used by many, but now not any as the gentleman above retired.


Continental was the desire of many but now not any although a close shave

45 Sixpences and 14 pieces of coal would get you nowhere today

Over 4.5 (not million) passed (more shall pass for all)

A beta max and a green shield stamp will get you nowhere

The crystal ball has glowed once more...

The dribble about 45 sixpences and the beta max line CLEARLY states that it will get you nowhere, so was absolutely pointless.

Over 4.5 relates to years and more years will pass for all.

The crystal ball glowing once more was not entirely rubbish, it was very loosely linked to Psycho Cash Beast and the initial clue, reminding you all of the first clue with that fortune teller called Lizzy (who was the opposite to E.Honda)

Ok, so how many of you clever clogs out there got the location of the brand new concept Mr P's Classic Amusements?

We are excited and hope that you all are too!

So lets dissect another couple of clues...



In Golf it is often said, however in this instance would be misspellt

More than 3 ships were seen and more will follow

Not from Hong Kong but from China twice?

Lots on board but not for us

The underground say mind the gap, we say mind the step

All is relevant today...

So what on earth is the above clue supposed to mean?

In Golf, as you tee off they will often say 'fore' so in this instance it would be not be the correct spelling, so the word you want here is FOUR. This is a symbol to our 4 year commitment to the new Mr Ps, rain or shine, a hit or miss.

More than three ships were seen and more will follow is to represent the well used shipping lane nearby. There are many ships that pass by and more will follow.

When we said 'not from Hong Kong but from china twice' is an attempt to get you to THINK about ships coming in from Hong Kong or China twice, but in reality we were talking about a Chinese restaurant.

The ships have lots on board, in fact sometimes its mind-blowing how they float, but nothing is destined for us.

The Underground say mind the gap, we say mind the step as many could trip!

So there is that one! To be honest, its quite a giveaway now! Some will kick themselves and some might be going what on earth does any of this mean lol!

So lets dissect another :

BONUS CLUE 05/03/2015

Racing Pigeons can be associated with this place

Jack Duckworth kept them in which soap

12 pence and a farthing is just pointless really

1066 is in some minds

SOME is relevant today...

Ok, so it says 'SOME is relevant today' which is the case with the above. So lets look into the wording..

Racing pigeons can be associated with this place means it IS relevant.

Why on earth would Jack Duckworth (a fictional character) in Coronation St be of relevance? We put this in as we KNEW many would remember his character keeping Racing Pigeons, so that sentence, no surprise is garbage.

12 pence and a farthing already STATES its pointless.

1066 is in SOME minds, but it was NEVER in ours.

So lets go BACK to the racing pigeon one. When a racing pigeon races, it also is a homing pigeon, so it sets off and knows to return. This was the relevance of this part of the riddle.

So there you have it, two more riddles dissected and explained. Okay, so we havent handed it to you on a plate but we have gone pretty close to it.


G' Day mate, said Jack whilst playing with the native toy

You will not find silver here said Q

I recall a house in Edinburgh but then I may have got muddled

As the tide comes in the birds swirl, so does the water

Where could I be?

Read the words as they are...think!

If you are reading this then you will see the word 'Margate'.


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

Samuel and Mark were not amused so left

Un, Trois, Six is in some minds

Drop the marble and she may get wet

Nicole has a similar sounding surname to the giver of this famous quote

44 blackbirds and 18 carrots were not worth thinking about

The other three birds could be considered

Will there be bluebirds over the white cliffs of...

Seventy five pence and thirteen lemons were found in an old piece of tuppaware in Croydon


Gravity we know, so what goes up must come down

Pink Panther and Spotted Dick are similar

Without going to the Zoo I saw a Zebra

Did the coastguard see it

HM Customs would surely of seized a real Zebra

Surely it would be in the news?

The crazy golf will send you crazy

If you consider the go karts you should get on your bike

How many herrings have been caught and how many were red?

Lets not be too HASTy as somethINGS not right

You could make a grave error and FOLK will not be plEased

PerhapS lets lower TONE

Not long now and these silly clues will end

Think of the letter S as its vital this week

Below is our new 'lažan' countdown (created by a Bosnian 'mačke') ...once the clock counts down the name of the new place will be revealed!



action/command_only when/highlight_761/countdown/8-4-2015_00.00 (GMThrs)/


If i was lying but told you a lie then I would mislead you into thinking that the arcade was in Kent but not in Essex

When I look back at these silly clues I think I should go back to the beginning and start over as all are going crazy

Is it really the longest pier in the world, I can't see it

What a big bridge!

Need to learn to drive as the travelling will take time

We just hope that you will like it

Some call it Blackjack, I can't see why as its Pontoon

This is the clearest clue yet


If I said Canterbury I would be telling a Canterbury Tale

If the 'Viking' threw one and 'Henry' drove one would it be correct?

Would I be close?, to think of a Swan in Lee?

Some like Lakeside, some like Bluewater - It doesn't matter to me

This (for me) is the place where dreams were made

Where could I be?


Why oh why do I see the number 3? I thought there is always 3 of everything? I can only see 2?

There have been so many arcades here but all but one remains in this street

The Party has been and gone, so have all the balloons

Not ground Zero but perhaps think about 'another' Zero

Would you ever think about Parahunt here?

If I was lying but told you a lie then I would tell you NOT to consider Folkestone