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Mr P's Classic Amusements was born in 2009. Pretty much all in the industry and people that we knew said that a classic arcade with old skool fruit machines would never work.

Almost nine years on we have Tonbridge and Chatham operating as the Mr P's Classic Amusements brand.

In 2012, Mr P's Classic Amusements gave birth to a sister arcade that we named Reel Fruits. Reel Fruits name was based on my very first amusement arcade when I was aged just 18, almost 20 LONG years ago. The first arcade was called Reel Entertainment, and many may not be aware was in Tonbridge. I was personally turned over by a Johnathan Young and James Bull who I launched Reel Entertainment with, and they even stole the name and sold it to a fishing shop. For around £50k investment, much of it borrowed, James Bull and John Young hung me out to dry and basically conned me for their OWN financial gain. I was left penniless and walked away with one lone machine, Magnidficent 7s.

After many years and arcades in between I was lucky enough to meet Amelia and in 2009 open Mr P's Classic Amusements in Gravesend. The Gravesend Mr P's Classic Amusements was a massive success and many great times were enjoyed by all that visited us. In 2012 the natural step was to give birth to Reel Fruits and by 2014 we closed Gravesend, only to re-open in 2015 on a failed venture.

Since 2012 we have worked hard to make Reel Fruits as special as it is today. Amelia and I are a great team, and had I had her at the very beginning then perhaps things would be very different, but to have her now means that together we can build the dream, our dream is YOUR dream.

For many years we have fought hard to learn, adapt and build a collection far beyond our wildest thoughts... Reel Fruits is a special baby from the Mr P's Classic Amusements and its future is to be secured with a partnership that will hopefully live on for many years to come.

Reel Fruits and Mr P's Classic Amusements will join forces for a BIG seaside arcade adventure. The new arcade will be announced in the coming weeks but although we will be IN and refurbishing it we are unsure of the opening day timescale.

The new arcade will be a classic amusements that will be a great force, incorporating rides, pushers, cranes, classic fruits and a AGC under the Mr P's Classic Amusements banner.

Updates soon!

Dave & Amelia xx