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Opening Later this year...

Some great games

Great atmosphere

Around 50 machines...

Where could it be?

We have told some people a location of the new arcade, is it THE location 

or was we throwing you off the scent?

Every week there will be a clue to the new location, we will keep 

the clues up and add each week.

Here we go again! 




Maggie Thatcher had her influence

(She closed the docks here)

Many ships have frequented here

(many have been here and even built here)

A particular building in this place shares a very secure name in the USA

(This is the pentagon)

Something not to consider is that many day trips to Calais are from which port?

Francs have since gone, Euros replace, but the white cliffs still live on

(These two lines are pointless)



It will be nice to return home, many good times we had

(we lived here)

Not far away but we cannot see Del and Rodney

(a pub called the nags head is about half a mile away)

Knife, fork...

(Spoon - a nearby restaurant)

sgoar is worth considering

(Argos anagram)

Is any of this close? Or is Tilbury closer?

Phil the power plays ...

Henry .... invented the car

(these three lines are utter rubbish and are to mislead you)



They say things happen in three's

(third arcade in the group)

Does this mean it is Gravesend 3?


Is somebody taking the Mr _ ?


Seven red roses and a bag of sugar is of no interest to me

(we said its of no interest)

I do think about the other 3

(the other three arcades)

But we are we!

(we are different)



Chas and Dave sang a song

(they sang many and is a statement)

Chas and Dave were here before

(they played Chatham theatre)

A Jolly Sailor has been seen nearby

(a Pub in Brompton called the Jolly Sailor)

As I look over the water there are 101 things on my mind

(this leads to the bus ..)

Is it Dalmatians or Silver _____?

(.. service)

Can somebody tell me what the 44th word is in a Day trip to Bangor by Fiddlers Dram?

(pointless and to make you listen to the song lol)



I may not be Uri Gellar but I can be between them

(spoons - wetherspoon and spoon world buffet)

For the alley here you must go up to go down

(bowling alley upstairs to enter and then go downstairs to bowl)

I see Turkish, what a delight

(new turkish restaurant opened opposite)

Not the Evening ______ but close in more ways than one

(argus is missing word)

The bluebirds fly over the white cliffs of .....

(statement which forces the brain to say Dover)



All this 'talk'

(another word for Chat)

I doubt that any of this is 'halal'


We can tell you that there will be no fruits spun in Dover

We only tell you that the White Cliffs live on because they do

'Down to M_R_A_E you will need a bucket and spade'

(statements and nothing else)



Uncle Albert would of loved this place

Many talk of the Scenic railway, we can confirm that there IS a railway here

(here we are forcing you to think Margate)

If i was lying but was to tell you a lie then I would say to rule out Gravesend

(we already ruled our Gravesend but this does for sure)

Status Quo sang a song 'in the army now'

(Army barracks in Brompton Chatham)

I have been singing this lately

(confirming we are here)



Ok so we are near the water


Ok we are not too far from something that can be associated with Only Fools & Horses

(nags head pub)

Always remember that things are not always as they seem

I can see Chelsea from here.

(Chelsea building society being renamed Yorkshire building society very soon)



Lets rule OUT some...

Dover is NOT the place - the white cliffs still live on

Gravesend is NOT the place - do you think we are raving mad?!

We speak of Margate often but it is NOT the place - so dig deeper

All this talk of Del and Rodney surely isn't taking the 'Michael'?

(again telling you of the nags head)

We have put a lot of 'fort' into this...

(Fort in Chatham)



Ok so you all probably have it now

Your all talking about it


As I walk by I Say 'Evening Argos' as hinted before

(Arcade next to massive Argos)

That secure building you all should know

Its not a Hexagon, that's for sure

(You should know its the Pentagon - name of shopping centre in Chatham)

For the Alley you must go upstairs and then down before you can be called A. Bowler

(already explained)

Four sheek kebabs in peanut butter is an unusual dish

(utter rubbish)


We were trying to lead you somewhere coastal

Subtle hints at Margate with the Only Fools remarks

We like to include Dover in our clues

We tried to steer some to Gravesend and Dartford

Most of you were baffled this time round, but hoepfully our expanations will now confirm that we have a warped mind!

Thank you for all participating and see you in Tonbridge or Chatham soon!