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About Us

Mr P's Classic Amusements in Gravesend Kent, grew from a private collection of classic fruit machines built up from over the years.

Some of the greatest machines ever made were gathered up in the 1990's and went from a handful of machines to being a mass of machines.

With modern day fruit machines being more about the 'carrot' than the game we felt that the fruit machines based on amusement and not profit needed to be saved.

You do not see many classic machines these days as they just cannot compete with the newer models revenue stream. The classic fruit machines give you a good game, the newer model is there to take your money - simple.

We love it that our machines are full of 'tricks and methods' and always state that the machine is there to be beaten.

If you enjoyed the days when you could play a fruit machine with a 'few quid' without having to take out a bank loan for a board, then you should give us a whirl.

We certainly cannot offer big Jackpots and £500 winners but we can guarantee you a good time and a taste of how things were in the 'good old days'!

You may have been treated badly in arcades before, or even given the 'evil glare' when you had a win, we are nothing like that.

As being punters at heart, we are on YOUR side and NOT the machines!


Fed up with the 'horrible' cashiers in most arcades?

Fed up with being chased out when your mobile rings?

Fed up with being made unwelcome when you win?

Fed up with being so thirsty you start seeing things?



We are HONEST and UPFRONT at all times.

We want you to have FUN!

Its sickening the way some arcades operate, try us and you won't be disappointed!

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

With our FRIENDLY staff and warm welcome we hope to see you soon

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